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Investor FAQs

What does Adherium do?

Adherium is a provider of digital health solutions that address sub-optimal medication use and improve health outcomes in chronic disease. The Company develops, manufactures and supplies patients, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers and contract research organizations with the broadest range of "smart" device sensors for respiratory medications. The first Smartinhaler™ was developed for use in clinical trials in 2003, and since then the company has expanded its technology platform and Smartinhaler™ product range. Adherium operates globally from bases in the USA, Europe, and Australasia.

Where is Adherium’s corporate headquarters?

Suite 150
1800 Gateway Dr
San Mateo, California 94404 USA

On what stock exchange is Adherium traded and what is the ticker symbol?

Adherium is listed on the ASX market, the primary registered stock exchange in Australia operated by ASX Limited. The ticker symbol is ADR. For most stock-tracking software, including mobile phone apps, use the symbol ADR.AX

How can I invest in Adherium?

You can purchase Adherium shares through any broker or online share trading platform.

When does Adherium’s fiscal year end?

June 30

When is Adherium’s Annual General Meeting?

The AGM is typically held in November each year.

Who is the Company’s outside legal counsel?

K&L Gates

Who is Adherium’s independent auditor?


Who are the members of Adherium’s Board of Directors?

Click here to view the members of Adherium's board.

Who are the members of Adherium’s management team?

Click here to view the members of Adherium's management team.

How do I contact Investor Relations with a question or request?

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Who do I contact about my shareholding?

Computershare Investor Services Pty Limited

Within Australia: 1300 850 505
Outside Australia: +61 3 9415 4000