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Corporate Governance Overview

Corporate governance refers to the system by which companies are directed and managed. It influences how the objectives of a company are set and achieved, how risk is monitored and assessed, and how performance is optimised. What constitutes good corporate governance will evolve with the changing circumstances of a company and must be tailored to meet those circumstances.

The board of directors of Adherium supports the core principles and best practice recommendations published by the ASX Corporate Governance Council. The current policies, procedures and practices of the Company as contained in its Corporate Governance Policy comply with the Council’s principles and best practice recommendations.

The Company has adopted the following corporate governance charters:

  1. Primary Board Charter
  2. Diversity Charter
  3. Trading Charter
  4. Audit Charter
  5. Nomination and Remuneration Charter
  6. Supplementary policies (including code of conduct)

Adherium Board of Directors

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